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Upgrade your driving experience with more comfortable cabin temperatures and UV protection.

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Sun Stoppers is the largest XPEL tint dealer in the world as well as XPEL’s 2019 Tint Dealer of the Year. We take pride in catering to our customers with an excellent installation and timely service whether it’s tint, paint protection film and/or ceramic coating.

Heat rejection film minimizes the use of A/C while driving resulting in more even cabin temperatures and improved gas mileage, especially during the hot summer months.

It’s important to consider tinting your entire vehicle including the windshield.

The windshield can be tinted with a clear film that actually helps reduce glare at night (see one of our customer’s testimonials below).

Tinting only the sides and the back is similar to trying to cook in an oven with the door open in that the windshield allows all the heat into the cabin if it does not have a heat rejection film.

The difference between XR and XR Plus is the amount of infrared heat each film blocks, 88% and 98% respectively. Both films protect your family and friends from harmful UV rays with a rating of SPF 1,000. Why is that important? 52% of all skin cancer happens on the left side of the body.


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Other Services to Enhance Your Vehicle


One of the most common questions we get is what are the benefits of paint protection film versus ceramic coating. Here is a video to explain the benefits of tint, paint protection film and ceramic coating:

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Why use XPEL’s self-healing paint protection film? To start, see what Engineering Explained has to say…


Enjoy a clean car, piece of mind that your paint is protected from fading caused by harmful UV rays and never having to scrub brake dust off your wheels ever again!

Are you worried about…

  • Protecting your paint from fading due to harmful UV Rays
  • Reducing the number of scratches in the clear coat
  • Brake dust caked onto your wheels
  • Tree sap and other harmful elements staining your paint

Why use XPEL’s Fusion Ceramic Coating? Here's what Engineering Explained has to say…

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What Makes Sun Stoppers So Different?

Your window film is only as good as its application. Film must be applied without ripples or bubbles to ensure the product’s efficiency and longevity. Our window tinting and paint protection experts have over 20 years of experience so you can be confident we’ll do it right the first time.

Whether it’s an exotic car, a 20-year-old window, a new office building, one door, or a three-million-dollar yacht, we bring prompt and professional service to every job. You can trust the competitive price we give you, and our quote won’t change. Please take a look around our website and our large portfolio of offices, homes, vehicles, and boats to see what we can offer to you.